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Terms & Conditions


Unless otherwise agreed in writing and or including email all charters are sold based on the following terms and conditions of the purchaser and no agent or representative has authority to omit part of, or all of these conditions.  







By signing these terms and conditions (“the terms and conditions”), the passenger outlined in the schedule of these terms and conditions (“the passenger”), in the dealings with Abrolhos Island Charters (ABN ) which includes its agents, employees and officers (“the company”), agrees to the Terms and Conditions and agrees to be legally bound by them.

1. Payment

(a) The Passenger agree to pay the company the price set out in the schedule to these Terms and Conditions (“the Price”).

(b) The Passenger agrees to pay the Price to the company in the following manner.

I Payment of a non-refundable deposit in the sum of 25% (25 percent )(“The Deposit”).

II Payment is due according to the date on the invoice. Upon the payment of the deposit, the passenger is deemed to agree to the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions must be signed and returned to the company prior to the departure date of the charter. If the passenger does not pay the deposit by the due date indicated, then the company may offer the passengers berth aboard the Abrolhos Island Charter (“the Charter”) to any other person, without incurring any liability to the passenger and;

Payment of the non-refundable balance of the price in full at least thirty days (“30 days”) prior to the departure date set out in the schedule to these Terms and Conditions (“the Departure Date”). If the passenger does not pay in full the balance of the price in accordance with the time frame specified in this clause, then the company is free to either offer the passengers berth aboard the charter to any other person, without incurring any liability to the passenger.

2. Cancellation

If, for whatever reason, the passenger wishes to cancel their position on board the charter, the passenger must notify the company immediately. In the event that a passenger cancels their position on board the charter, then the passenger shall still be liable for the full payment of the price outlined in accordance with these terms and conditions unless organised with the company. If for whatever reason, Abrolhos Island Charters cancels a charter, we will either rebook your charter or refund your deposit or amount paid.

3. Travel Insurance

The company recommends that the passengers organise their own form of travel insurance.

4. Services

4.1 Transportation

(a) The company will provide the passenger with return transportation from Geraldton, Western Australia to the Abrolhos Islands (the Destination) aboard the vessel know as Aussie Warrior or as varied from time to time.

(b) The passenger is personally responsible for organising and paying for all transportation associated with getting to and from Geraldton, Western Australia.


4.2 Accommodation

(a) The company will provide the passenger accommodation for the period of the CHARTER DAYS ONLY.

(b) The Passenger must disembark the vessel Aussie Warrior on return to Geraldton Boat Harbour unless prior arrangement have been confirmed in writing with Abrolhos Island Charters.

(c) The passenger must provide a sleeping bag and pillow and also acknowledges a swag as an alternative to this requirement.

4.3 Food and Beverages

(a) The company will provide the passenger with meals throughout the day and some limited beverages including Tea, Coffee, cordial and juices. If the passenger has any special dietary requirements then the passenger must notify the company of any such dietary requirements at least 4 weeks prior to the departure date. Meals and beverages are supplied on charter days only, all other meals are BYO.

(b) The passenger acknowledges that the provision of all other food and beverages are his or her responsibility.

4.4 Activities

The company will endeavour to supply all of the activities listed in the companies promotional material including the activities specified on the company’s website (“the activities”) to the passenger. The company does not warrant that all activities shall be available for the passengers use on the charter.

4.5 Scuba Diving

The company shall not supply scuba diving on the charter unless the passenger requests scuba diving upon returning these signed terms and conditions and the company is able to organise a dive master and equipment to be on board the charter. In the event that scuba diving is offered by the company aboard the charter then the following conditions shall apply;

(a) Only 10 people can be taken scuba diving at any one time. If the company is able to arrange an additional dive master and/or equipment to accommodate the passengers request, the passenger shall incur an additional charge proportionate to the amount incurred in supplying the additional dive master and/or equipment which shall be payable by the passenger prior to the charters departure date.

(b) The Passenger Undertakes Scuba Diving at his or her own risk.

(c) The passenger must complete and sign the company’s “Advice to Divers” form.

(d) The passenger must provide ALL personal scuba diving equipment if no arrangement has been made with the company 4 weeks prior to the charters departure date.















5. Departure

The Passenger must be at Geraldton Boat Harbour, and ready and on board to depart for the Abrolhos Islands no later than 4AM on the departure date, unless arranged with the company 7 days prior of the departure date. Those staying on board the evening prior to the charter must meet at 6pm to drop off belongings.

6. Variation to Services

The company reserves the right to, without notice;

(a) Cancel or vary the services in any way and for whatever reason without any liability to the Passenger.

(b) Substitute or vary any of the vessels used to carry out the Services with any other boating vessel capable of fulfilling the Service at the absolute discretion of the Company without any liability to the Passenger.

7. Transfer

(a) The Services are not transferable by the Passenger to any other person.

(b) A Passenger who cancels their position aboard the Charter but finds a replacement passenger to take their place must transfer the Price to the replacement passenger.

8. Prohibited objects

The Passenger must not take onto any vessel used by the Company for the provision of the Services any weapons, explosives, volatile spirits, corrosives, easily ignitable articles or offensive things of any kind that may cause inconvenience or harm to any other persons on the Charter or endanger or cause damage to the boating vessels used by the Company for the provision of the Services are not permitted on the charter.

9. Liability

Except as otherwise provided by these Terms and Conditions and to the extent permitted by law:

(a) The Company is not liable for the death of or injury to any person, or loss of or damage to baggage or property, or for consequential or other loss of any kind, arising directly or indirectly from negligence or omission or some other cause in connection with the provision or non-provision of the Services or otherwise and;

(b) The Company is not liable for any inaccuracies of the information concerning the Services.

10. Passenger Compliance

The Passenger agrees to comply with all:

(a) Laws, regulations and all instructions of the Company whilst aboard any vessel used by the Company for the provision of the Services;

(b) Notices exhibited on any vessel used by the Company for the provision of the Services; and

(c) Acts, Regulations and licence conditions as they relate to the Abrolhos Islands Marine Park.

11. Passenger Warranty and Indemnity

(a) The passenger warrants that he/she is not aware of any existing medical condition which might impact on his/her ability to participate in and complete the Charter an that he/she has made full disclosure to the Company of any medical condition which might affect the Passenger’s ability to participate fully in the Charter.

(b) The Passenger acknowledges that deep sea fishing and other activities may occur some hours away from the nearest post and that there may be a delay in transferring the Passenger from the site where deep sea fishing/other activities is occurring and the nearest port.

(c) The passenger acknowledges that he/she has been informed that medical facilities in the Abrolhos Islands are limited. In the event that the Passenger requires specialised treatment the Passenger may be required to be evacuated to Geraldton. The Passenger further acknowledges that in that event all costs in respect of such transfer and evacuation are the Passenger’s sole responsibility.

(d) The Passenger hereby indemnifies and releases the Company against any claim of whatever nature for any liability incurred either in respect of the cost occasioned in evacuating the Passenger from the Aussie Warrior or the Abrolhos Islands to the nearest post, and in respect of any damages suffered by the Passenger as a consequence of any delay in obtaining appropriate medical treatment, and releases the Company for any liability for such damages, cost and expense.

12. Safety

If the Company, in its sole opinion determines that:

(a) The Passenger has breached any of the Terms and Conditions, appears to be under the influence of a prohibited substance or it is necessary for the safety or comfort of the other persons aboard any of the vessels used by the Company for the provision of the Services, then the Company may terminate the agreement with the Passenger and remove the Passenger from the Charter at the Passenger’s cost. If the Company exercises its authority pursuant to this clause then the Price shall not be refundable to the Passenger; or

(b) The weather conditions are not suitable to operate the Charter then the Company may elect to shorten or cancel any portion of the Charter. In the event that the Charter is shortened or cancelled under this clause then the Company will assess each charter on individual merit to ascertain what refund, if any, will be given to the Passenger.

13. Personal Property

(a) The Company will not be liable for any loss or damage to the Passenger’s luggage or to any possessions of the Passenger.

(b) Any luggage or possessions left behind by the Passenger at the conclusion of the Charter will be held by the Company for fourteen (14) days. If the luggage or possessions are not claimed within fourteen (14) days then they will become the property of the Company.

(c) All costs incurred by the Company in returning the luggage or possessions to the Passenger shall be the responsibility of the Passenger.

15. Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are subject to and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Western Australia and the Passenger agrees to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts or Western Australia.
























  By signing below, the Passenger indicates that he/she has read and accepted these Terms and Conditions:





………………………………………………….                     ………………………………………………….
Name                                                                         Charter Date




Once you have read and signed this document you must return it to:

Abrolhos Island Charters





NB: NO signed Terms & Conditions, NO Charter




At Abrolhos Island Charters your enjoyment and safety is our priority.

To ensure you enjoy every aspect of your trip with us please take the time to ensure you read all of the enclosed information.

This information is provided so you understand the services we provide and the actions you need to take to make your trip an enjoyable and memorable experience.


Charter Group Orginisers: Please ensure that you pass this information on to everyone in your group so that they are fully aware of the services that we provide and other information which will ensure they enjoy their trip with Abrolhos Island Charters. 
If you miss reading some of the information provided you may be disappointed if things are not quite as you wish when you depart for the Abrolhos Islands.

PLEASE NOTE; once your deposit has been paid, you have confirmed that you have read and understood the TERMS AND CONDITIONS which can be found on our website www.abrolhosislandcharters.com.au please ensure all members of your group read, sign and return the LAST page to our email.





The information below is provided in detail on the following pages.
We thank you for taking the time to familiarise yourself with ALL the information supplied.

Please be advised – The really important stuff!
Take particular note of our Cancellation Policy and Travel Insurance.

  • The Timetable – Don’t be early, don’t be late!

  • Travelling to Geraldton by plane – Time and Services

  • Travelling to Geraldton by road – It’s a 4-5 hour from Perth

  • Storage of vehicles while on charter – Make the call for details

  • BYO Alcohol – Or a dry trip

  • Remember to bring – don’t forget towels and bedding

  • Transportation of your fish catch – rule change as of 1st February 2013

  • For your information – Important Geraldton information

  • Fishing in general – What to expect

  • Scuba Diving – More than 6 in your group, check the details

  • The Crew – Our team of experts

  • Communications at the Abrolhos Island – What no mobile reception!

  • The Abrolhos Islands – What to expect when you arrive

  • Charter boat “Aussie Warrior"

  • Food – Allergies or special requirements let us know

  • Our Season – Where we are and when

We are more than happy to answer any queries that you may have by either email or phone  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, particularly with regards to fishing and any gear that you may wish to bring.




  • A deposit of 25% per head is required to be paid upon booking to confirm your charter. If the deposit is not paid by the date given by the company, your booking will not be confirmed and the charter will be open to other groups for rebooking.

  • Balance of charter monies is required 30 days prior to departure to ensure your place is secured on the charter. An invoice will be sent out 4 weeks prior to your charter departure date (unless your booking is made within this timeframe).

  • Cancellations: If, for whatever reason, the Passenger wishes to cancel their position on board the Charter then the Passenger must immediately notify us. In the event that a Passenger cancels his/her position on board the Charter, the Passenger shall still be liable for the full payment of the Price in accordance with the Terms and Conditions unless otherwise organised with the Company. Please read Terms and Conditions closely for our policy with regards to cancellations.

  • We take 12 people on each charter (don’t worry if you are unable to get a group together, we can assist by joining smaller groups together).

  • Travel Insurance – we wish to recommend that you look into travel insurance for you trip to cover you for unforeseen circumstances. This is normal practice for any trip that you may book.

  • Fishing Gear – 


Departure – You are to meet the boat “Aussie Warrior" Abrolhos Island Charters at the Geraldton Boat Harbour which is just west of town. The Charter boat pens are on the eastern side of the harbour and are accessed from Lemmon Road (see map below).














If you have arranged with the Company to stay on board the Charter boat the night prior to your charter, please meet at the vessel at no earlier or later than 6pm.

Departure time is 0430. If you are have arranged to stay on the Charter boat, please be at the wharf at 0400 to allow time for loading. As the crew will be busy preparing the boat for departure, we particularly ask that you refrain (we know it is hard) from boarding the boat until you are instructed to do so by the crew.

It takes approximately 4 hours to travel to the Abrolhos Islands – weather permitting. Generally we will allow for a fish on the way to the islands

Return is on the last charter day usually arriving back in Geraldton around 1600. If the group needs to return earlier due to travel arrangements, please give the skipper plenty of warning about these requirements and changes can be made to the return time.
In the event that you are on a charter with a mixed group, an earlier return time will need to be agreed upon by all parties.


The Perth to Geraldton air route has three air service providers, contact details for these are below:

  • Qantas Link – 13 13 13Qantas Link Geraldton – 08 9923 3745

  • Virgin Australia – 13 67 89Virgin Australia Geraldton – 08 9923 3626

  • Skippers Aviation – 1300 729 924


The road distance between Perth and Geraldton is approximately 424 kilometres and can take 4-5 hours depending on route. Please be aware that services like fuel, food and phone reception are limited in certain areas, so be cautious when planning your trip.


There is a car park on Lemmon Road (Charter meet and departure point) where you can park and leave your car whilst you are on your Charter. This car park does not require payment. This car park is monitored by both security cameras and regular security patrols.
Please contact us on 0412 051 598 should you have any queries.


For any alcohol you wish to take to the Abrolhos Islands, we request that you refrain from bringing glass wherever possible. Wines are acceptable, but try to choose canned beverages over stubbies wherever possible for safety and environmental reasons.







  • Mask/fins/snorkel (we do have sets available that are quite adequate if you do not have your own)

  • Gloves for catching crayfish

  • Wetsuit – optional but it does protect from the coral

Scuba Diving

  • Bring your own scuba gear including tank, weight belt and mask

  • Dive ticket is essential – NO ticket, NO dive

Fishing Gear (optional)

  • Squid jigs

  • 20-30lb (10-15kg) spinning rod and reel for jig fishing or baitcaster combo

  • Lures and jigs can be purchased on board


  • Personal insect repellent and sunscreen

  • Pillow, pillow case, sleeping bag and/or swag

  • Bath towel and Toiletries

  • Drinks, nibbles, chocolate or lollies that you like or your favourite savoury snacks


Changes to Transportation of Fish were announced by Fisheries on 19th December 2012.

The new rules came into effect on 1st February 2013.

Transporting of unaccompanied fish:

Unaccompanied recreationally aught fish can no longer be transported by commercial couriers.
You must accompany your fish if transporting it by land, sea or air.
Please ring us if you have any queries with regards to this very important rule change.

More information can be accessed by visiting the new Recreational Fishing Guide on the Fisheries website: http://www.fish.wa.gov.au/


Supermarkets: When you arrive in Geraldton, you can purchase goods at either of two IGA stores or the local Woolworths. They are open 7 days a week 7am – 7pm.

Fuel: The Star Mart and BP Service Stations are both located on North West Coastal Highway.

Tackle: Available on board the Charter boat at a small cost.

Restaurants: Should you stay overnight or longer, there are plenty of places to eat in the CBD. Most of the accommodation spots will have information on nearby venues.








PLEASE BE ADVISED: Abrolhos Island Charters take no responsibility for the star rating of these premises!


We supply deep sea boat rods and reels for bottom fishing but if you wish to bring your own rods, reels and lures, you are welcome to. The catch is filleted at the end of the day and packed in individual plastic bags. It is then placed in the freezer on the Aussie Warrior. Your allowance for the charter is 10KG MAXIMUM OF FILLETS PLUS 1 DAY WHOLE FISH PER PERSON.

If you are unsure what fishing we have and what to bring, please contact us either by email or phone – 0412 051 598.


If scuba diving is required, we must be notified at the time of the booking as a dive master must be on board and this must be taken into account when our crew roster is being prepared. Our dive master is able to take 10 people diving. If there are more than 10 people wishing to dive, please notify us as we will need to hire another dive master and would therefore need to add an extra charge to cover the fees. This amount is to be added to your final balance.

Scuba gear is not supplied. Snorkelling of course, is acceptable without a dive master. We do have some snorkelling gear on board, so it is not necessary for you to bring your own, unless you prefer your personal gear. A wetsuit is ideal to protect against coral when snorkelling.


Our crew consists of a Master and two Deckhands, one of which is also a cook. A dive master is on board when required.


Prior to departure in Geraldton, most mobiles will work but once the Aussie Warrior sails, there is no guarantee of phone contact. Mobiles work sporadically at the Abrolhos Islands. If you must have guaranteed contact, we suggest you bring a satellite phone.


Once at the Abrolhos Islands, it depends on the day’s activity which vessel is used. Our itinerary allows for deep sea fishing, which is done on the Aussie Warrior. 



Aussie Warrior is a 65ft Westcoaster and has the latest in comfort and technology. It has an average cruising speed of 14 knots depending upon weather. It has a large deck which has a large freezer to efficiently handle all of the catch. Access to the water is made easy by two opening doors which lead to a marlin board. A large percentage of the back deck is covered to provide protection from the elements.


Please let us know if you have any allergies or special dietary requirements. If due to dietary requirements your require anything special please let us know at least 4 weeks in advance as all food is ordered in the weeks prior the charter date, and we will do our best to assist.

Food is varied from charter to charter depending on requirements, if any, of any particular group. Tea’s, coffee and cordial and breakfast juices are supplied but all other beverages are strictly BYO. If you would like specific food such as lollies or chocolates we suggest you also bring your own.


March to October 15th – The Abrolhos Islands 2018, prices to be determined.

October to Late February - Summer months the Aussie Warrior operates from Fremantle doing river cruises and day trips to Rottnest or Carnac Island, if you require more information please contact us and we will endeavour to accommodate your needs.


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are valid only when fully paid by the purchaser or distributor. Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or refunded in part or full. Vouchers are transferable to other individuals and are valid only for the period indicated thereon. Once the voucher has been redeemed all other terms relating to cancellation apply, however the value remains non-refundable.


Your gift voucher is strictly valid within the expiry date and must be booked within the dates specified. Should you need to extend the validity of your gift voucher beyond the expiry date, a 3 month extension is available at $75 per voucher. No further extensions are permitted beyond this period. Please note that it may take several attempts to take your fishing trip due to weather conditions and or insufficient passenger numbers to enable the boat to go out for the day.  It is advised that gift voucher holders need to book well in advance of the expiry date. Weekend fishing trips are always popular and may be booked out for a few weeks in advance. Please consider this when making your arrangements.


NOTE: Vouchers purchased from other sources  than AIC that are  to be redeemed on our vessels are subject to all additional terms and conditions of the vouchers applied to the purchase of the voucher .  


Liability Conditions


Abrolhos Island Charters provide adventure and fishing charters that involve a degree of physical activity and adventure itineraries, these are a personal choice. This being the case, Abrolhos Island Charters expects each passenger understands the risks involved and personally able to accept such risks as a part of the charter offered.


Abrolhos Island Charters will undertake to deliver services at the indicated times, however does not accept any losses, costs or expenses suffered as a result of any delay in the delivery of services.  Abrolhos Island Charters does not accept any liability for breach of contract when influenced by such things as force majeure, war, industrial dispute, civil unrest or natural disaster, inclusive of minimum passenger numbers not being met and weather conditions that would prevent Abrolhos Island Charters from operating in some capacity. Abrolhos Island Charters recommends that passengers take out adequate travel insurance.  




Smoking is not permitted throughout the vessel; areas on the outside deck area will be made available for guests to smoke cigarettes. Respect and care for the environment is essential and a thoughtful nature in respect to non smoking passengers. 


Alcohol Policy


Abrolhos Island Charters permits passengers to bring their own alcohol on board. Abrolhos Island Charters adheres to the responsible service of alcohol and therefore reserves the right to refuse service to and the removal of personal alcohol to any passenger at anytime during the charter. Any inappropriate or abusive behavior while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or indeed at any time will give Abrolhos Island Charters and its crew the right to organize the removal from the charters any such passenger/s.