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Our surfing tours are one our favourites and at the Abrolhos we know all the breaks intimately. 


We have travelled around Australia surfing and rate the Abrolhos as having some of the best waves in OZ and Abrolhos Islands holds 5 Star world class waves uncrowded in a pristine enviroment


Our comprehensive local knowledge at the Abrolhos and our understanding of the weather conditions boasts for the best break on the right conditions and makes ous the No 1 choice for your next surfing safari.You got to know where your going to get the best waves and we ve got it covered for you


Be assured your energy levels will be replenished after a hard day in the surf with the crew serving up a sensational array of healthy dishes. Something to take home, we provide a disc with still shots and footage of your surfing experience to share with your surfing buddies of your Abrolhos Surfing Safari.


Surfing season is from May to September.