Jo Jo's Jetty Nedlands

The Jo Jos Jetty, Nedlands is about 500 metres down Broadway Street, if you walked down hill from Steve’s Hotel to the Swan River. She is aptly named after the amazing Jo Jo’s Café which must be one of the best Italian Restaurants in Perth.

Parking is fairly easy in front of the Rugby Club and just shy of the waterfront café.

The natural sheltered bay is a perfect point for both guests and boats. However, the jetty is quite low which sometimes causes boarding issues at high tide. For this reason some charter boats do not pick up guests from here.

Jo Jos Jetty had been undergoing a massive restoration in 2014 so please call us before booking your cruise.

Directions to Jo Jos Jetty

If you are heading south from the city on Stirling Highway, you need to turn left onto Broadway (after you have passed the campus of the University of Western Australia – UWA). Keep on Broadway for about six blocks, go over the Princess Road roundabout, over the next one at the Avenue, past Steve’s Hotel on your right and straight down to the parking lot at the water. The jetty is a long wooden one and if you are carrying lots of food and drink, bring a trolley just in case.

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