East Street Jetty

East Street Jetty Fremantle

The East Street Jetty Fremantle is the main public jetty on the Swan River. It is the most popular of the two Fremantle jetties and frequently used by charter boats. It is located in front of The Kiosk Café (address 123 Beach Street, East Fremantle) and “between the two bridges” (the Victoria and Stirling). It is also directly below the Tradewinds Hotel on Canning Highway and at the bottom of East Street.

Note: it is about 800 metres away from the Left Bank pub, not in front of it.

The East Street Jetty has plenty of parking for cars and you will need to pay the hourly rate for doing so (around $2 per hour).

Directions to the East Street Jetty Fremantle

If you are coming from Perth down Canning Highway, you need to turn right onto East Street before you reach the Stirling Bridge. Go 50 metres down to the river and take a left onto Beach Street. Go another 50 metres and the jetty in on your right. Parking is plentiful (about $2.50 per hour).

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