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The Abrolhos islands are located 60kms west of Geraldton in Western Australia and have the most southern coral reefs in the world.  


Water temperature during winter is around 20 – 22C and the visibility is known to be the best on the West Coast of Australia.


The unique coral reef formations, the spectacular coloured coral gardens and the abundance of fish life make for magnificent scuba diving and snorkeling. Not to mention the friendly sea lions, dolphins, stingrays, crayfish and large Samson fish you may encounter along the way.


Visit the site of the historic Batavia shipwreck which is situated off Beacon Island and dive on the remains of the vessels disastrous fate in 1629.  Learn about the gruesome series of events that make up the rich history of the Abrolhos Islands.


We are aware of the energy you burn whilst diving and ensure you will not go hungry with plenty of top quality produce to keep you more than satisfied.


Please ensure you bring along your dive tickets.

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