Barrack Street Jetty

The Barrack Street Jetty is used for the Perth CBD and you need to look for Pier 1. This is the closest jetty to the famed Lucky Shag bar and in eye-sight of the infamous Bell Tower 

Barrack Street Jetty is the busiest in Perth and close to Elizabeth Quay. As such, it is really good for pick-ups and drop-offs, but not that good for long term parking. The traffic system there is one-way. For that reason, most passengers, including our staff, use the public parking lot opposite the Supreme Court Gardens where you can almost always get paid parking.

Note: leave about 15 to 20 minutes extra time to drop off your friends, food and drinks and then go park your car. It will only take about 5-10 minutes to walk back from the parking lot to the Pier 1. You can even through the riverside walkway in front of the pub.

Directions to Pier 1

Barrack Street is a one-way system shaped like a horse shoe. The main jetty we use is “Pier 1”, about 50 meters beyond the Lucky Shag Waterfront Bar on the left and behind the Segway office.

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